BCT Mediations PLUS strives to position Mediation as the primary conflict resolution process by offering affordable services to every client where Mediation is appropriate.

The ownership and leadership of BCT Mediations PLUS utilize a Christian world-view when engaging with clients. Professional neutrals apply active listening skills with every stakeholder to a conflict, work diligently to determine root causes to a conflict, and guide the parties to equitable resolution in most cases. Every person, and every conflict, has value and merit. Confidentiality is strictly enforced.

Parties to conflict in contemporary western society need and deserve an affordable process as an alternative to litigation. BCT Mediations PLUS acknowledges mediation does not fit every conflict situation; however, exploring mediation should be the ‘best’ first option in most cases.

Conflict is a necessary component of engaging in human interaction, and every person can learn ways to successfully negotiate troubled waters. BCT Mediations PLUS believes conflict management coaching is a principal component of mediation, and extends coaching to every client.